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Shipibo Girl with Tapestry

Shipibo Indians

Masters of Ayahuasca - Page 4 of 4

There are many theories about the meaning of the unique intricate Shipibo geometric patterns. Some anthropologists consider it an ancient language form; others hypothesize that the patterns represent a mapping of the rivers of the Amazon. Some even believe the patterns represent the shapes of the Anaconda. While anthropologists may not be able to agree on the meaning, art lovers can appreciate the beautiful designs, the soft curves and the pristine yet original look of the Shipibo designs.
Shipibo women in Iquitos commonly sell their fine embroidery work and other crafts on the "Bulevard" and "Plaza de Armas" in Iquitos, and the "Mercado Artesanal" (Handicrafts Market) in San Juan near the Iquitos airport. Unfortunately, the proximity of most Shipibo communities to the burgeoning cities of Pucallpa and Iquitos makes it inevitable that their culture will soon be altered by mainstream trade, exploitation and encroachment of western values.
If you would like to purchase an authentic hand-painted Shipibo tapestry, embroidery, or ceramics, please e-mail shipibo-art(at)  These unique hand-made pieces of art represent the work-ethic of indigenous Amazonians and their aspiration for perfection. 


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