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Guardians of the Rainforest

Guardians of the Rainforest 480x360 Video

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Format:  Video (downloaded) or QuickTime Video Player Movie Movie (downloaded).

Audio:  Dolby Digital Sound

Director:  Dan James Pantone.

Cast:  Binan Tucum Matis, Dani Matis, Baritsica Matis, Ivanrapa Matis, Bushe Matis, and Tupă Matis.

Language:  Matis, English (subtitles).

Genres:  Documentary, Educational.

Country of Release:  Peru.

Summary:  Presently, the Amazon Rainforest is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Many scientists believe that the tropical rainforests are the "lungs of the earth" whose trees provide a high percentage of the oxygen for the entire planet. Moreover, they believe that without the integrity of the Amazon Rainforest, the earth's ecosystems would be irreparably damaged, causing rapid global warming and the associated rise of sea levels which will flood the coastal areas and displace millions of people. To save the largest tropical rainforest in the world (the Amazon River Basin) from those who seek to extract its timber, oil, and gold for personal profit, it is absolutely necessary that the native indigenous people of the Amazon be allowed to care for the Amazon as they have for millennia. If no native people are living there, it will be easy for outsiders to occupy the land and destroy it. Therefore, the key to saving the tropical forests (and the world) lies with the survival of the indigenous Amazonians and their culture. This film (Guardians of the Rainforest) details how a native Amazonian tribe (the Matis) lives in harmony with the rainforest without destroying it. Similar to The Hunting Camp, this documentary features the material culture of indigenous Amazonians. For example, it shows how the Matis make ceramics, and interestingly, the oldest known ceramics in the Americas come from the Amazon. In addition, this film illustrates how natives extract dyes and various medicines from plants. Hunting is very important to the survival of indigenous Amazonians and this film shows how they use blowguns to hunt in the rainforest. In addition to the material culture, Guardians of the Rainforest explains characteristics of the religion and shamanic practices of the Matis. Finally, several ceremonies are featured. Overall, this documentary shows how the Matis and other traditional Amazonians use the resources of the Amazon Rainforest to survive and are capable of caring for the Amazon Rainforest without destroying it.

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