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Last of the Hunters

Last of the Hunters 480x360 Video

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Format:  Video or QuickTime Video Player Movie Movie.

Audio:  Dolby Digital Sound

Director:  Dan James Pantone.

Cast:  Tumi Machupa Matis (Tumi Branco), Chapu Sibo Mwo Matis (Binan Wassa), Binan Tucum Matis, Iv Matis, Tumi Matis, and Binin Bchu Matis (Binin Wassa).

Language:  English (subtitles).

Genres:  Documentary, Adventure.

Country of Origin:  Peru.

Summary:  The Last of the Hunters is the final documentary of the Matis video series and features the technology that the Matis Indians use to hunt and survive in the Javari Valley of the Amazon River Basin.  Generally the Matis use bows and arrows to hunt large game and blowguns to hunt small game.  Even though the Matis utilize bows and arrows in addition to blowguns, the Matis are most proficient in the use of blowguns.  Matis blowguns are incredible handicrafts in addition to being precision instruments and measure over twelve feet, the longest blowguns in the world.  The documentary covers all aspects of blowgun hunting, beginning with demonstrations of how blowgun darts are actually fashioned.  In addition, the video shows how of curare poison is applied to the darts and processed.  Perhaps surprisingly, the final preparation of blowgun darts in the field is somewhat complex and involves enhancing the dart with clay ballast so that it can travel further and the use of native fibers (kapok) to seal the blowgun bore and create compression.  In the Amazon generally piranha teeth are used in order to score the blowgun darts so that the dart tip with curare poison breaks off inside of the prey rather than being pull out.  The final part of the video involves demonstrations by the Matis Indians of how they use blowguns in the rainforest to hunt and the Matis show their incredible skills as hunters in the jungle by stalking and successfully hunting prey with blowguns.

Viewer Reviews:  "I got the DVD today and really enjoyed it. When I was in Alter do Chao, Brazil I purchased a Matis blowgun and quiver from a store named Arariba.  The blowgun was nine feet long and the quiver had everything but the monkey jaw on it.  I was wondering if the monkey jaw was left off because of environmental reasons or import restrictions.  The blowgun and quiver are really works of art.  In any case, I love my blowgun and quiver and enjoyed seeing the creative nature of native peoples via your DVD.  Thanks so much!" Robert Crucs, Oldwick, New Jersey.

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