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The Hunting Camp

The Hunting Camp 480x360 Video

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Format:  Video (.wmv) or QuickTime Video Player Movie Movie (.mov).

Audio:  Dolby Digital Sound

Director:  Dan James Pantone.

Cast:  Binan Tucum Matis, Dani Matis, Kuini Chumarapa Matis, Ivanrapa Matis, Binan Chapu Shunu Matis, Chapu Sibo Matis, Tumė Matis, Ėnauat Matis, Beuxh Wasa Matis, Chini Kanika Matis, and Tupć Matis.

Languages:  Matis, English (subtitles).

Genres:  Documentary, Adventure.

Filming Location:  Peru.

Summary:  Traditional Amazonian Indians are essentially nomads, exhausting the resources (game and soil nutrients) in an area and moving their village from time to time.  In addition to moving their whole village, they would also seek resources away from their main village in temporary hunting camps where they would typically spend several months out of the year. The Hunting Camp is a reenactment of how the Matis Indians would customarily build a temporary hunting camp.  In contrast to the first film of the series (The Matis) which covers many different aspects of indigenous Amazonian culture,  this film is a specialized study of their material culture and illustrates the methods that native Amazonians would use in order to subsist under the harsh conditions of the Amazon Rainforest.  With an emphasis on material culture, no ceremonies or ceremonial dances are featured in this film.  Instead, this documentary illustrates the day to day life of the Matis, and shows how they build shelters, make fire without matches, prepare food, cook, weave, make ornaments, extract curare poison and medicines from plants, and hunt using blowguns. The Matis display their amazing understanding of the resources of the jungle and how they utilize them in order to survive.

Viewer Reviews:  "An outstanding viewing experience.  The quality of your videography is superb, and its subject matter truly comprehensive. Of particular interest to me is the flora of the Amazon. I rarely take scenic photos without the inclusion of trees, and your film certainly provides a surprising revelation of the abundant and varietal types of growth that definitely requiring salvation, as are the tribes themselves. Hopefully, funding generated by your work will help preservation efforts." –Jay Prendergast, Photographer, San Jose, California.

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