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Format:  Window Media Player Video Video or QuickTime Video Player Movie Movie.

Audio:  Dolby Digital Sound

Director:  Dan James Pantone.

Cast:  Binan Tucum Matis, Tumi Matis, Binan Chapu Shunu Matis, and Tupa Matis.

Language:  English (subtitles).

Genre:  Documentary.

Filming Location:  Peru.

Summary:  The Matis documentary features real indigenous Amazonians demonstrating their authentic culture and ceremonies, something that no Hollywood studio has ever dared to do.  This is the real thing. Prior to 1976, the Matis lived in complete isolation in the Amazon Rainforest on the Peruvian-Brazilian border.  In fact, many of the individuals featured in The Matis grew up in isolation and remember when they made first contact with the outside world.  The Matis still have many skills that people in modern societies have lost.  For example, in this film the Matis demonstrate how to make fire using a primitive hand drill and fireboard, something that Westerners forgot long ago.  Moreover, the Matis always carry theses fire-making tools with them in their blowgun dart quivers when they are hunting.  And hunters they are, still practicing the ancient art of blowgun hunting which is briefly featured in this introductory documentary.  In addition, other important aspects of their material culture are highlighted such as cooking, in addition to important ceremonies, dances and rituals.  In many ways, The Matis documentary is a generalized introduction to understanding indigenous Amazonians and serves as a precursor to the other four documentaries in the Matis video series that feature more thorough treatments of the various themes covered in The Matis.  For example, The Hunting Camp documentary is an in-depth look at the day-to-day material culture of native Amazonians and no ceremonies are featured.  In contrast, The Shaman's Way documentary deals exclusively with shamanistic rituals and ceremonies.  Viewing The Matis documentary before the other films in the series establishes a knowledge base of indigenous Amazonian cultures and allows for a richer viewing experience when screening the other four Matis videos in the series. 

Viewer Reviews:  "Your videos are very intriguing and quite wonderful. I appreciate the fact that you capture the life of the Matis in real time without many cuts. I feel like I am actually there with them. You must be so grateful to be among them and they must be so grateful to be with you." –Julianne Eggold, Screenwriter, Hollywood, California.

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