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The Shamans Way 640x360 Video

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Format:  16:9, HD  Video or QuickTime Video Player Movie Movie (downloaded).

Audio:  Dolby Digital Sound

Director:  Dan James Pantone.

Cast:  Tumi Branco Matis, Binan Tucum Matis, Dani Matis, Kuini Chumarapa Matis, and Tupă Matis.

Languages:  English (subtitles).

Genre:  Documentary.

Country of Origin:  Peru.

Summary:  The Shaman's Way was filmed in widescreen, HD (high definition) progressive video (720p). The combination of high resolution and incredible footage creates an ambience in which the viewer feels that they are actually with the Matis in the Amazon Rainforest.  Unlike the other four videos in this series, The Shaman's Way covers solely ceremonies and shamanism, with little emphasis on material culture. Specifically, this documentary focuses on the relationship between native animals and Amazonian shamanism. In particular, the poison frog ceremony is highlighted, something that is not featured in any of the other four videos in the Matis video series.  Traditional indigenous Amazonians are animists, believing that animals have souls and that animal spirits are responsible for health and fortune.  Matis shamans often use plants to manipulate animal spirits and cure, and medicinal plant usage is also illustrated in this video.  As shown in many Matis rituals involving animals, Amazonian shamanism is intimately associated with animal spirits.  The Shaman's Way features various indigenous Amazonian rituals and ceremonies, revealing the various associations between animal spirits and Matis shamanism. 

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